Small church, Warm fellowship.

Bamboo Churches

While Mega Churches (MCIP) as major church building projects are beginning to take shape in large cities within Mindanao, we cannot afford to leave the need for smaller church projects in the remote places behind. Hence, the Bamboo Churches! These are the houses of worship that equally cater to the growing faith of our new members in the rural communities. Since these buildings use light material and are easily built, every mission and conference territory receives ten (10) of these projects yearly.
We praise God for the ingenuity of our missions and conference leaders who devised a variety of ways to implement the project in their local settings. As a result, more churches are now giving shelter to more new believers who find our church to be more dynamic and proactive not only in witnessing but also in giving them warm fellowship and decent accommodation as soon as they decide to join the church.
The Lord of the Harvest has blessed the faithful efforts of both pastors and members who carry out the Gospel Commission to the ends of the world, our rural areas included. Imagine building 80 of these bamboo churches per year all over Mindanao, imagine the number of new members than can be sheltered as well!
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