Ella's Journey with God Keeps Going

Lake View Adventist Academy is part of sharing God's message in the "My Journey with God—Season 4," a yearly event by Hope Channel South Philippines. Students living in the dormitory, local residents, teachers, staff, and neighbors all came together for the opening of the program on August 26, 2023, in the school chapel.

One of the excited participants looking forward to this enlightening series is Dhaniela Sherri M. Calañas, also known as "Ella" to her friends and mentors. She's a 13-year-old girl from San Fernando, Bukidnon, born into a deeply religious Roman Catholic family. Ella's interest in reading the Bible began when she attended an Adventist Elementary School in her hometown. It was there that she first learned about "My Journey with God," a program that answered some of her questions about the Bible and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church's beliefs. After finishing her elementary education in San Fernando, she discovered Lake View Adventist Academy. The school's practices, culture, and beliefs aligned with what she held dear, and with her family's unwavering support, Ella started a new chapter in her education, now studying in Grade 8 at Lake View Adventist Academy.

When Ella heard about "My Journey with God—Season 4" being promoted at the academy, she was thrilled to attend and take part in the nightly series once again. When asked about her thoughts on the program, she shared, "I'm glad to hear that 'My Journey with God' is back for another season. I believe this program will help me understand more about the Bible and learn important truths. It's a way for me to grow closer to Jesus Christ, my Personal Savior, and strengthen my connection with Him as I continue through life's journey. Through the Bible, teachings at school, and hopefully through this program, my love for Jesus has been growing stronger each day."

Ella has a strong desire to be baptized and accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. In a world where many people long to hear God's message, Ella is just one of countless seekers. As she takes her steps towards Christ, she may inspire others to do the same, embracing each moment with faith and hope.

By Jediah Bais-Suico

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