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“Servant Leadership” drives zeal in the hearts of the newly installed NCMC and SPUC Directors and Officers!

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During his talk, Elder Saw magnified the humility in serving. He intensified that the church is organized by service and that God’s calling of a person is always an “act of grace, never a necessity.”  

“It’s a joy and blessing to serve the Lord! The church is organized by service and its mission to preach to the world. Followers become leaders and leaders becoming followers is normal to our ministry.” He added that “In leading, we need to be excellent for God; we must collaborate with each other; be accountable;  we need to demonstrate respect unto one another; as leaders, we need to communicate trust, establish integrity, and above all show humility in our words, in deeds, and even in our plans,” Pastor Samuel Saw declared. 

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For his part, Pr Roger Caderma, the VP on Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle and Nurturing, Discipling and Reclaiming at the Southern-Asia Pacific Division charged the fifteen (15) NCMC and twenty (20) SPUC Officials who will take the realm of the various departments/offices that each represents in order to keep each member of the church to stay focused and engaged in the Great Commission of the church.  

In his response, Pr. Danielo Palomares, the President of the South Philippine Union Conference firmly accepted the call to carry out the mission and the vision of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mindanao. 

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