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On-Boarding for New Department Managers and Newly Hired Nurses.

The on-boarding process for new department managers at Adventist Medical Center Iligan took place on January 9, 2024, marking the commencement of their crucial roles within our organization. During this orientation period, the newly appointed department heads underwent comprehensive training sessions to familiarize themselves with key aspects of their positions and the hospital's operating procedures.

AHI on-boarding process
AHI on-boarding process

One of the primary focuses of the orientation was to ensure that department managers were well-versed in the labor standards set forth by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Understanding these standards is essential for maintaining compliance with labor laws and regulations, safeguarding the rights and welfare of our employees, and fostering a fair and respectful work environment.

In line with our commitment to holistic leadership development, the orientation also featured Christian leadership training. This component of the program focused on principles of servant leadership, ethical decision-making, and fostering a values-driven organizational culture rooted in compassion, integrity, and humility. By integrating spiritual principles into their leadership practices, department managers are empowered to lead with purpose and inspire excellence among their teams.

AHI on-boarding process
AHI on-boarding process

Throughout the orientation process, emphasis was placed on providing department managers with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to succeed in their roles. Interactive discussions, practical exercises, and case studies were utilized to reinforce learning and encourage active participation.

The new department managers emerged with a solid understanding of their responsibilities, a commitment to upholding labor standards and ethical practices, and a foundation of Christian leadership principles to guide their actions. With their newfound knowledge and skills, they are poised to make meaningful contributions to the success and growth of Adventist Medical Center Iligan, enriching the lives of our patients, staff, and community.

Meanwhile, the orientation of 40 newly hired Nurses happened last Jan 8-9, 2024. They were familiarized with the hospital vision, mission and core values and toured to the different nursing units and facilities.