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Day 3 Highlights: Journey to Salvation, Faith Amidst Challenges, and Church’s Global Identity

On July 26, 2023, the third day of the event brought forth a wide range of captivating topics, delving into themes of salvation, the significance of early environmental exposure, the church’s social media policy, and its global identity and guidelines.

Pr. Dan Smith delivered an inspiring message on the journey to salvation, emphasizing three crucial steps: justification, sanctification, and glorification. He explained that this process involves acknowledging one’s sins, seeking forgiveness from God, striving to become more like Jesus, and ultimately attaining a heavenly transformation. His heartfelt appeal was for attendees to shift their focus from mere actions to truly knowing and following Jesus, allowing Him to guide them like a boulder being pushed up a mountain.

Dr. Cabungcal led a thought-provoking plenary session, exploring the topic of walking by faith and trusting in God, even in the face of daunting challenges. He shared valuable insights on overcoming addiction and achieving victory, highlighting the role of early environmental exposure in positively shaping our habits and character.

A significant portion of the day was dedicated to Pr. Heshbon Buscato, the SSD Communications Director. He enlightened the young delegates about the SSD’s comprehensive social media policy, outlining the dos and don’ts to maintain a responsible online presence. Additionally, he introduced the new official church logo and emphasized the importance of a unified global identity and guideline system for the church’s outreach and message.

The day’s proceedings were further enriched by soul-stirring performances from The Chosen Point, D’ Advent Psalmist, and The Resounding Singers, leaving the delegates feeling blessed and uplifted through their beautiful music.

Overall, Day 3 provided a meaningful and enlightening experience for all participants, as they explored essential aspects of faith, personal growth, and responsible communication within the church community.

Career Night Showcases Holistic Christian Education

Delegates were treated to an engaging Career Night, where students from various Adventist education institutions enthusiastically showcased their course degrees and talents through song performances. The event was centered around promoting the core principles of holistic Christian education.

This event showcased the diversity of courses offered by Adventist education institutions and the unique approach to education that emphasizes holistic development. Through informative presentations and captivating performances, the event underscored the value of a Christian education that nurtures both the mind and the spirit.

By Quin Salarda, Reporter
SPUC ComDept (Editorial Board)

(Photos by Ryan Marc Carrillo)

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