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Day 6 Highlights: Trust in God’s Protection and Victory, Musical Celebrations, and Recognitions for Media Volunteers and Staff

Day 6 of the Youth Congress was filled with heartwarming messages emphasizing the importance of choosing God’s side and knowing that He protects and stands up for His children.

Pr. Smith delivered a powerful message centered around the victorious journey with Jesus, highlighting that standing with Him leads to the winning side and ultimate triumph.

During the Sabbath School session, various singing groups delivered beautiful musical performances praising and glorifying God as Maker and Redeemer. The performances by Project Sing, Samal Community Singers, Sweet Heaven’s Echo, Advent Harmony, Musica Laudis, Siga Brothers, and SPUC Praise Team were truly inspiring.

Later in the program, the media volunteers and staff received well-deserved recognition for their efforts in spreading the gospel through media. Their contributions to the success of the Youth Congress were acknowledged and appreciated.

In the Divine Worship, Pr. Peralta delivered an inspiring message that encouraged the audience to draw closer to God. Pr. Edwin Gulfan, serving as the translator, made the message accessible to everyone. The central theme was about finding hope in Jesus, who stands up for those in need.

“When Jesus stands, you can stand alone with Him,” he said.

Following the impactful message, Pr. Peralta and Pr. Smith were presented with plaques of appreciation for their stirring messages and valuable lessons imparted to the young delegates during the Youth Congress 2023.

Over 1000 Embrace Baptism

Approximately 1000 individuals embraced baptism after the Divine Worship. These new converts had been diligently studying the Word of God for several months under the guidance of eight mission fields. The mass baptism ceremony took place at the swimming pool of the MVC, where ministerial secretaries offered prayers and performed the baptisms for those who had wholeheartedly surrendered their lives to Jesus.

The Master Guide Investiture Emphasizes Call to Serve

The Master Guide Investiture commenced with a colorful procession, led by color guards, participants, and candidates for investiture. The event began with an invocation, followed by the singing of the National Anthem and the Pathfinder Song.

During the ceremony, Pr. Peralta delivered an inspiring message, challenging the candidates to embrace a path of service, emphasizing that the highest place one can be is at the feet of Jesus. “You are invested for service,” he said.

The event saw a significant number of participants, including 1470 candidates for senior youth leadership, 264 master guides, 31 trail friends, 5 frontier companions, 17 ranger explorers, and 5 wilderness rangers.

In his acceptance and charge, Pr. Lantaya highlighted the core principles of the youth department: salvation and service. He stated that as individuals saved by God, it is their responsibility to share this grace with others. He urged everyone to reflect the beauty of Jesus in their lives and let His words be heard through their actions and speech.

Sports Teams Receive Trophies

Sports teams were awarded trophies as a token of appreciation for their active participation. The teams received commendation for upholding the spirit of sportsmanship and friendly competition while staying true to Christian values.

Youth Congress 2023 Wraps Up

Delegates gathered at the open space facing the grandstand, where the Sundown Worship youth directors and participants were assembled.

Pr. Palomares urged the delegates to share the valuable lessons they learned during the congress with those who have not had the opportunity to experience the joy of attending such an event. He also expressed gratitude to MVC, especially to the leadership of MVC President Tornalejo, for generously allowing their facilities to be used for the occasion.

Finally, Pr. Lantaya extended his heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of the event, giving special recognition to God, who was the ultimate reason for its occurrence.

“On behalf of the SPUC Youth Department and mission fields, I hereby declare the Youth Congress 2023 officially closed.”

A spectacular fireworks display commenced following the announcement, symbolizing the conclusion of the unforgettable Youth Congress 2023.

By Quin Salarda, Reporter
SPUC ComDept
(Editorial Board)

(Photos by Stephen Haim)