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Dr. Alevir Pido of SWPUC Recognized as a Contributor to a Newly Released Book on Qualitative Research

In an exciting achievement for Southwestern Philippine Union Conference (SWPUC) and the field of qualitative research, Dr. Alevir Pido, the Education Director at SWPUC, has been acknowledged for her contribution to the recently released book, "Transformative Moments in Qualitative Research Method, Theory, and Reflection," compiled by lead author Anna Cohen Miller. This notable publication, which is published by Routledge 605 Third Avenue, New York, stands as a testament to the groundbreaking work being done in qualitative research.

The book, authored by Anna Cohen Miller, a celebrated TEDx speaker and a multi-award-winning qualitative methodologist and educational leader, represents a significant milestone in research methodology. Dr. Alevir Pido's involvement in this collaborative effort reflects her expertise and commitment to advancing the understanding and application of qualitative research methods.

This achievement not only underscores Dr. Alevir Pido's expertise and influence in the field but also shines a light on SWPUC and its commitment to fostering excellence in research and academic pursuits. The institution's support for Dr. Pido's involvement in this prominent publication reflects its dedication to scholarly pursuits and the continual pursuit of knowledge in the field of education.

SWPUC and the academic community at large extend their congratulations to Dr. Alevir Pido for her outstanding achievement in contributing to this important publication. Her dedication and expertise have set a high standard in the field of qualitative research, furthering the pursuit of knowledge and understanding in this vital area of study.

To God be the glory for this significant accomplishment in the field of qualitative research.

By Roxie Pido