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Dr. Armand T. Fabella and Pr. Arnel A. Gabin Leads a Bi-Union Event for Global Disciple-Making Evangelism and Mental Health-Gospel Orientation

Dr. Fabella, a certified US Master Life Coach and adjunct psychology professor at the Adventist University of the Philippines, teamed up with Pr. Gabin, the vice president for Nurturing Discipleship Retention-Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle (NDR-EIL) in the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, is a guest lecturer at the Bi-Union Life Coach Reclaimer’s Trainers Training which took place from January 22 to 24, 2024, at the SWPUC Guest House. 

Participants from missions and conferences across Mindanao came together to explore effective ways of communication, leadership, and parishioner engagement. The discussions revolved around reclaiming lost souls and developing skills to understand and connect with church members who may have strayed.

Throughout the three-day event, there was a strong emphasis on Christ’s communication methods, as highlighted in the Bible. The program showcased Christ’s ability to understand and respond to people in need, covering various topics, including personality development.

Looking ahead, SWPUC Vice President for the NDR-EIL, Pr. Jerrymil Pamunag stated, “The department is starting this year with a focus on mental health and gospel study.” He emphasized that attendees would gain essential skills for effectively dealing with parishioners and members of the church.

Overall, the coaching program offers a valuable opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, contributing to a more connected and supportive Adventist community.

By Quin Salarda
SWPUC ComDept.