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Empowering Missionaries: Zamboanga Peninsula Mission Hosts Frontliners' Training to Engage with Challenging Mission Fields

Ninety missionaries from the South Philippine Union Conference underwent a six-day event "Frontliners’ Training and Certification" at ZPM headquarters in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, from August 22 to 26, 2023. This program, organized by the Southern Asia Pacific Division, aimed to empower missionaries with essential skills for challenging mission fields.

The training covered cultural competency, interfaith dialogue, conflict resolution, community engagement, disaster response planning, Islamic faith, practices, and history in the Philippines. The event welcomed participants from various missions and conferences.

Prominent figures, including SSD Interfaith Service Director Pr. Abner Dizon and SPUC Adventist Mission Director Pr. Jimmy Adil, joined the event. Interactive workshops and discussions facilitated by experienced directors enlightened attendees on engaging with Muslim communities. Seasoned missionaries shared their experiences, offering insights on rapport-building, overcoming obstacles, and fostering lasting relationships. Their firsthand accounts added practical depth to the training's teachings.

Muslim families from Liloy, Zamboanga Del Norte and other areas were also part of the event, expressing joy in the inclusive approach, with prayers starting with Al-Fatiha. Valuable literature, such as "What Does the Bible Tell About the Qur'an?", "The Great Controversy", "Seeking the Straight Way", and a Qur'an translation, were distributed.

The event concluded with a communion service to spiritually prepare delegates for commitment and commissioning services. This training equips missionaries for physical, mental, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges, allowing them to pave the way for harmonious community relationships.

By Lesley Joy M Estrella, ZPM News Reporter
SPUC ComDept (Editorial Board)