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The official newsletter of the South Philippine Union Conference the Seventh-day Adventist church


Newly Elected Officials and Directors Launch SWPUC Ten Days of Prayer

The Southwestern Philippine Union Conference (SWPUC) marked the dawn of the year with a heartfelt expression of thanksgiving, solemn prayers, and moments of contemplation led by its freshly elected officials and directors.

With a spotlight on the significance of serving God amidst the whirlwind of daily life, this year's Ten Days of Prayer resonated with attendees, emphasizing the essence of spirituality amid busyness.

These incoming administrators and directors, entrusted with steering the course of events, are geared not only towards meticulous planning but also aspire to elevate the SWPUC community towards a greater collective vision.

It's noteworthy that the SWPUC, emerging as a new union following the recent bifurcation of the SPUC, encompasses territories from Central Mindanao Mission, North-Central Mindanao Mission, Western Mindanao Mission, Northeastern Mindanao Mission, and the Zamboanga Peninsula Mission. 

This first day of office and the kick-off of Ten Days of Prayer 2024 stands as a testament to the unity and commitment of the SWPUC community towards fostering spiritual growth and collective advancement.