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Six Departments Gather in One Day for the Year 2022 Action Plan!

The Adventist Youth, the Secretariat, the Women’s, Children’s, and Stewardship Ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South Philippine Union Conference started the first Departmental Council Meeting this week to set the tone of programs and services of the current year.

The simultaneous meetings are designed for the heads of different departments representing the eight missions/conferences under the South Philippine Union Conference. The event is hoped to collaborate and unite all department heads as they will lay out their programs such as evangelistic activities, other gatherings necessary for soul-winning endeavors of the church, and church growth. Having to meet various department heads in person after two years of virtual meetings, set a tone of belongingness and unity among the members of each department.


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May be an image of 8 people and indoor
Answering the call to serve, the empowered women of the said missions/conferences convened to project what their 2022 would look like in the field. Mrs. Shirley Bacus, the SPUC Women’s Ministries Director enthusiastically shared what their team has in place for the current year.

In her words, she said, “Women’s Ministries adopted the virtue of collaboration and teamwork. We plotted the events this year which include, The Christian Home and Marriage Week, the Glow Evangelism, International Women’s Day of Prayer on the 5th of March, and the Family Ministries Certification. Part of our preparation is the special days where women in our churches are responsible for handling the events, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Celebrations.”

Another set of department heads who carefully designed their game plan for the children are the brave and resilient mothers who take care of the Christian welfare of the children both at home and church. The Children’s Ministries Department is headed by Mrs. Jill Palomares.

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An ardent leader, Mrs. Palomares expressed her gratitude to her eight counterparts in missions and conferences. She said, “I am happy and I feel so excited to work with these empowered women who serve as front liners in the homes and the churches. We outlined several projects this year- the production of children’s resources and materials for their lessons, and the distribution and reproduction of the Book of the Year.”

She added, “Part of our job is also to take care of the Ministerial Spouses Association where we encourage them to pursue their education. In addition, the LittleTrumpets for kids will be the highlight for this year in our local churches. We consider children as the next leaders of the church and communities. Therefore, it is our main goal to shape them into the work of God and to train them to study the Bible.”

The Health Department made a clever decision of meeting online before their in-person meeting. They spent one whole day talking about their activities and major events of the year. Eight Health Directors from different missions/conferences agreed to conduct Health Leaders Training, Health Promoters Training and Workshop-Six Months for the Lord Program, 4-Days Evangelistic Campaign, and Psychological First Aid Year 2.

Pr Rey Dela Cruz, the SPUC Health Director, ignites his counterparts to become health missionaries, advocating a healthy lifestyle wherever they go.

This is just the beginning of the year and a subsequent round of meetings have already been set in the coming days for the remaining departments. God’s amazing grace among our church leaders, workers, and church members in Mindanao is worthy of praise.

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