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The official newsletter of the South Philippine Union Conference the Seventh-day Adventist church


Southwestern Philippine Union Conference Unites Leadership for Enhanced Mission Focus Through Inaugural Advisory Meeting

The Southwestern Philippine Union Conference (SWPUC) recently held an electrifying advisory meeting under its new name and leadership from January 15-16. The meeting brought together executive officers and department heads from five missions and conferences, namely the North Central Mindanao Conference, Central Mindanao Mission, Northeastern Mindanao Mission, Western Mindanao Conference, and Zamboanga Peninsula Mission.

The primary objective of the meeting was to establish a unified strategic direction in the mission of the church and programs across the Union and its local missions and conferences. The newly elected President of SwPUC, Elder Jerry Patalinghug, delivered a powerful devotional message that set the spiritual tone for the discussions that followed. He emphasized the importance of loving Christ above all else, drawing inspiration from Luke 14:26, and challenged the leaders to strive for true discipleship.

This meeting marked a significant milestone for the newly rebranded Union as it embarked on fostering greater unity and synergy among its leaders and church members. The advisory meeting aimed to pave the way for a more cohesive and impactful approach to fulfilling the church’s mission by focusing on shared objectives and coordinated efforts.

Elder Patalinghug expressed his vision for the newly elected leadership, which is to foster a spirit of collaboration and unity across all levels of the Union. The goal is to work together seamlessly, ensuring that their initiatives reflect their collective commitment to serving their constituents and advancing the shared values of their faith.

The gathering provided an outstanding platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration among the leadership, allowing for the exchange of ideas and best practices to enhance their respective departments' effectiveness. It also served as a forum for the newly appointed officers and directors to gain insights and guidance from the experienced leaders within the Union.

Department counterparts of the different missions and conferences shared their perspective on the meeting, emphasizing the value of coming together to align on common objectives. They stated that the gathering has been instrumental in unifying their vision and goals across the Union and its constituent missions and conferences. It has provided a platform for open discussions and strategic planning that will undeniably contribute to their collective success within the year and beyond.

This landmark gathering has set the stage for ongoing collaboration and coordination, which is poised to yield a more substantial and concerted impact in the communities they serve. The SWPUC is thrilled about its new direction and leadership, and exciting times lie ahead! Looking to the future, the leadership of SWPUC is optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. Through their renewed commitment to unity and shared purpose, they seek to further strengthen the Union's capacity to address the evolving needs of the church

The success of the inaugural advisory meeting has provided a strong foundation for the collective efforts of the Southwestern Philippine Union Conference. With a renewed sense of purpose and a shared vision for the future, the Union is poised to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of its constituents and the communities they serve.

By Roxie Pido
SPUC Communication Department