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The official newsletter of the South Philippine Union Conference the Seventh-day Adventist church


SPUC Ended 2021 with 80,437 New Family Members

The results were largely due to the collaborative online evangelism efforts of the leaders, church members and media volunteers through the Hope Channel local antenna, Hope Radio, and Hope Channel YouTube and Facebook accounts, which continued to thrive in the pandemic-fueled changes.

In the table below, rounding up the top three are Southern Mindanao Mission (SMM) which brought in 19,741 people to faith, North Eastern Mindanao Mission (NEMM) with 13,281 precious souls, and Western Mindanao Conference (WMC) which baptized 11, 799.

With church gatherings playing a vital role in the nature of worship among the members, the advent of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in the Philippines posed challenges to public religious practices. The continuous rise in the number of cases and the swift escalation of the pandemic prompted SPUC to double its efforts for media ministry in reaching the growing visually and technology-driven people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of technology and digital media, and likewise mobilizing and equipping other ministries of the church to leverage digital and electronic media to become more effective and efficient in their worship and outreach endeavors. This ministry not only provides the technical support required for the worship services, but also records various events, teachings and sermons, which are made available on the church’s website and social media outlets. The church continues to find better ways on how to leverage technology as another means to enhance and advance ministry and mission.