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SwPUC Pathfinder Inspection 2024 Bolsters Youth Leadership

Pr. Joy Colegado, in his role as the union director of the youth department, led a team of youth directors from the Southwestern Philippine Union Conference (SwPUC) that embarked on a comprehensive Pathfinder inspection tour of ten Adventist academies within the region from February 19 to March 7, 2024. Anukul Richel, the Pathfinder Director of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD), was also present during the tour.

Pr. Joy Colegado underscored the importance of tactical inspections, their role in instilling values of courtesy, leadership, and discipline among the students; however, he delved deeper into youth leadership for the church and community.

"We want to stress leadership. It's vital. These skills they've learned will shape them as future leaders in their churches and communities."

He acknowledged the difficulties inherent in leading such an initiative. However, he drew comfort from the enthusiasm exhibited by the young Pathfinders. Despite the weariness brought on by extensive travel, the sight of their eager faces rejuvenated him.

Reflecting on their visit to SULADS Comprehensive High School, where they endured long treks on foot, Pr. Colegado was moved by the sight of students without proper footwear. Despite their lack of adequate attire, their enthusiasm to showcase their Pathfinder skills remained steadfast.

Pr. Virgilio Teves, the youth director of the Central Mindanao Mission, focused on the service-oriented nature of the Pathfinder program as a preparation for a higher calling. "It is always to serve others and prepare for heaven," he stated.

The annual Pathfinder tactical inspection not only serves as a means to assess adherence to standards but also reinforces the ethos of service and leadership among Adventist youth within the Southwestern region.

By Quin Salarda, News Writer
SwPUC Communication Department

Photo Credits: Sulads Media & LVAA Media