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Tagum Central Church Celebrates Home and Marriage Month

Families are a divine creation of God. It is His masterpiece that reveals His loving character.

To celebrate the importance of Christian families, the Tagum Central Church is one with all the Adventists worldwide in celebration of Christian Home and Marriage Month for the whole month of February. This year's theme, "I Will Go With My Family: Family Resilience" highlights the importance of the relationship of the family with God in order to be resilient against the elements that break families.

After a month-long series of activities, the celebration culminated last February 25 to 26 with back-to-back programs. On the Vespers worship of February 25, the church was filled with music and praises as the Women's Ministries Department in collaboration with the Music Ministries Department serenaded the congregation.

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Inspired to share their talents, the women and youth including senior citizens played church instruments including guitars, violins, piano, saxophones, and melodicas.

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Pastor Roxie Pido, the Communications Director of the South Philippine Union Conference, was impressed to see a sight of enthusiastic instrumentalists. He also delivered an insightful message about the significance of tight connections within the family. He emphasized that the strong family bond makes the church more powerful and closer to God. The event not only highlighted the talents of family members but also the significance of strong support system found in the family.

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On the following Sabbath day, February 26, Dr Alevir Pido, SPUC Education Director, delivered a powerful sermon during the Divine Service on the risks and consequences of neglecting God in the family and society based on Genesis 34 which she entitled, Dare Not Neglect!

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Following the morning program was the Renewal of Marriage Vows between couples. The program is so pleasant and joyous that it pervades the atmosphere of the church. The threat of the Covid-19 virus compelled the couples to wear face masks all the time but it didn't stop them from showing happiness and affection towards each other.

The program was officiated by Pastor Roxie Pido and Pastor Em Vladimir Undalok, the Communication Director of Northern Davao Mission. Present also during the event are the spouses of both officiating ministers, Dr. Alevir Pido and Mrs. Grace Undalok. The oldest couple present have been married for 58 years while the youngest couple married for two months. The reaffirmation of their commitment to each other showcases that love is alive when God is the center of the relationship.

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Laughter and smiles continually brought beauty during the celebration. Pr. Pido, in his homily, reminded the couples to retain tenderness and respect for one another. Above all, he advised everyone to make God the center of their marriage.

God designed families to be a haven of love and peace. He wants our family to be a little heaven where He is the headship of the family. As we wait on Christ's soon return, let us continue to share God's love not only to our family but even to the unlovable.