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Writers' Summit Inspires Participants to Bring Hope to Readers

Seventy writers within the Zamboanga Peninsula Mission attended the Writers’ Summit held at its mission office on March 1-2, 2024. With the theme “Penning Hope, Preserving Memories, Inspiring Lives," the event presented the following guest speakers: Pastor Roxie Pido, Communication Director of the Southwestern Philippine Union Conference; Dr. Matilde Benito, retired ZPM Communications Director; and Quin Salarda, a SWPUC communication staff.

Before the lectures and workshops, participants were randomly grouped through a game to foster camaraderie and facilitate interactions among writers in the field. Throughout the summit, participants actively engaged in discussions and work activities, collaborating within the groups they had formed.

The event, which opened on Friday evening, focused on practical aspects of writing, covering everything from storytelling skills, viewing through the lens, and the basics of news and feature writing, to the fundamental grammar rules, tips for enhancing writing, and various strategies to develop the skill, and writing for the church. 

In his message for the Divine Worship, Pastor Pido emphasized the purpose of writing not just to communicate ideas but rather to transform the lives of other people for Christ. Through the stories they have from the communities they live in, they may be able to share and inspire readers to draw closer to the Savior.

The Writers' Summit was spearheaded by the ZPM Communication Department, headed by Pastor Cart Gladden Aguillon. The said department hopes that these writers can produce stories featured in Adventist media outlets, aiming to provide inspiration, motivation, and a message of hope to others. 

The summit concluded with a pledge and commitment of writers to pen more news and stories for Christ. 

 By Sandra Day E. Batobalunos