Communication and PARL (Public Affairs and Religious Liberty)

With “Building Bridges of Hope” as the overarching mission of the Communication Department, SPUC works towards that realization by the following:

  1. Reach diverse church audiences with an open, responsible, and hope-filled communication programs and information through the effective use of contemporary technologies and methods of communication such as radio, TV, print and social media. 
  2. The desired effect of the Adventist communication vision and activities is to create a favorable image of the church, its mission, life and activities, and witness that many will become followers of Christ and become members of His church.

The department also oversees activities relating to the overall world church communication strategy- “Seventh-day Adventist will communicate hope by focusing on the quality of life that is complete in Christ.”

Communication Resources:

The department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) is part of the global endeavor of the SDA church to create favorable conditions to share the good news of freedom and to invite all to loving fellowship with God and fellow human beings. Additionally, PARL proactively and diligently works to dispel prejudices against the SDA church—its identity, message, and mission—by mingling with people, and sharing distinct Adventist insights through peaceful persuasion. Essentially, PARL works to position the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its services in the standing of credibility, trust, and relevance in the public realm.


Partners of Hope is a brand new program that bridges our church with public affairs. Launched on 6 October 2021, this show serves as the social media arm of the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department of SPUC. Designed to bring public agencies closer to the people by keeping them informed of these agencies' programs and initiatives, this airs every Wednesday at 5:00 to 6:00 PM.

PARL Resources:


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