Youth Congress 2023

Day 6 of the Youth Congress was filled with heartwarming messages emphasizing the importance of choosing God’s side and knowing that He protects and stands up for His children.

Day 5 of the Youth Congress focused on resilience, the power of youth, and inclusivity. Pr. Dan Smith highlighted impactful individuals in history who exhibited resilience, overcame challenges, and made a positive difference for others.

The fourth day of the Youth Congress 2023 was filled with insightful discussions on various spiritual topics, highlighting the importance of God’s promises, being faithful servants, showing compassion, and the significance of true love waiting.

On July 26, 2023, the third day of the event brought forth a wide range of captivating topics, delving into themes of salvation, the significance of early environmental exposure, the church’s social media policy, and its global identity and guidelines.

July 24, 2023 - The Youth Congress 2023 continued its impactful journey as delegates were treated to thought-provoking devotional messages, powerful testimonies, and engaging activities on the vibrant MVC campus. Esteemed speakers shared their wisdom and personal experiences, urging the audience to cultivate a deeper connection with Jesus.

Day 1 of the Youth Congress kicked off with a bang as sports events and skills stations were launched, captivating thousands of young individuals at Mountain View College on July 24, 2023. Following the grand opening ceremony, participants eagerly dispersed across campus in the afternoon to engage in a variety of activities.

About 24,000 delegates across Mindanao showed unity and enthusiasm as they joined the magnificent parade and watched the opening ceremony of the highly anticipated Youth Congress Evangelism Camp with the main theme, “It’s Time,” which commenced in the morning today. 

Mountain View College warmly embraced the delegates of the youth congress with an unforgettable evening of musical brilliance. The event, aptly named “Experience MVC,” showcased the immense talent and creativity of the students through captivating musical presentations.

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