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The official newsletter of the South Philippine Union Conference the Seventh-day Adventist church


The second week of My Journey with God-season II (MJWG2) of the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) continues to make the listeners excited every episode and invites more friends to listen to the Good News of salvation.

South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) premiers its second season of the special program My Journey with God.

South Philippine Union Conference, together with all its subsidiary organizations, makes sure that everyone around the SPUC territory and beyond has taken his/her share in reaching the world for Jesus. Through Hope Channel Television studios, Radio stations, and social media pages in every region in Mindanao, the message of HOPE is broadcasted as a reminder that this pandemic is just temporary, but the word of God is eternal. 

Northern Davao Mission (NDM) announces the appointment of Pastor Danielo Palomares, SPUC Executive Secretary, as its interim president. The Executive Committee of South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) has acted on a recent meeting for Pastor Dan’s appointment after the untimely passing last September 27th of Pastor Alex Necesario, the elected president of NDM since its establishment in January 1, 2021. He will serve in the interim position until the elections in December this year.

This year’s prevailing quarantine restrictions never hindered the zealous women of the Central Mindanao Mission of Seventh-day Adventists (CMM) in sharing God’s love to others.

Absolute joy and celebration filled the halls of Gango SDA Church, Ozamis City, as the Western Mindanao Conference (WMC) leaders, participants, and candidates for ordination, together with their families, made their entrance to the pulpit and the front row seats during their hour of worship and pastoral ordination service last July 24, 2021. 

The continuous heavy downpour in Bukidnon was reported to be the cause of an unexpected flash flood experienced by Cagayan de Oro City last July 13, 2021, at around 8:00 o’clock in the evening. This was unexpected by residents in Cagayan de Oro where the weather was fair throughout the day and only experienced light rains in the evening.